Common Terms & Acronyms

Common Terms and Acronyms

Secretarial Designee

Special designation that allows certain individuals to receive care at a military treatment facility.

Social Security Number (SSN)

A number assigned by the federal government for the purposes of identifying a specific individual and taxpayer.

Specialty Care

Care that cannot be provided by the primary care provider.

Specified Authorization Staff (SAS)

The uniformed service office or individual who is responsible for coordinating civilian health care for active duty service members participating in TRICARE Prime Remote. (Previously known as the Service Point of Contact or SPOC).

Split Enrollment

Multiple family members enrolled in TRICARE Prime who live in different TRICARE regions but have the same sponsor.


The active duty service member or retiree through whom family members are eligible for TRICARE.

Supplemental Health Care Program (SHCP)

A program for eligible uniformed service members who require medical care that is not available at the military treatment facility (MTF) and must be referred to a civilian provider. The SHCP is also available on a limited basis for non-TRICARE eligible individuals when specifically referred by the MTF.

Learn more about SHCP by visiting our Supplemental Health Care Program page.

Supplemental Insurance

Health benefit plans that are specifically designed to supplement TRICARE. Unlike other health insurance (OHI) plans, TRICARE supplemental plans are always secondary payers on TRICARE claims. These plans are frequently available from military associations and other private organizations and firms.


A TRICARE-eligible family member whose sponsor died while on active duty service for a term longer than 30 days. A family member's eligibility for survivor status is determined by the sponsor's service personnel office.